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I write my opinions on life & work.

Those are two sides of the same coin for me. The main themes tend to be:

  • Reflections — lessons I’ve learned (often the hard way)

  • Convictions — deeply held beliefs

  • Ideas — interests, sparks, & questions worth publicly exploring

What you can expect on this blog:

  • I only write publicly when I have something to say.

  • I try to only publish work that meets my personal quality bar.

  • I do my best not to waste your time.

  • Topically, I mostly write about tech, startups, and life.

About me

I’ve spent my career to date in early-stage startups, either building or investing in them.

I’ve worked for a couple venture-backed startups, co-founded one, and invested in a few others as an angel and VC. Currently, building a new one. More on me here.

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